Thursday, May 15, 2008

Iya finneeshed meza papurrrz!!!!!!

That is "I finnished my papers" in Lauren's-mind-is-melting-speak. So yes, next week is Finals and I today I finnished my last out-of-class paper and I am lucky to still have most of my wits about me. I thought I was going crazy and since Monday have been suffering from some type of emotional/mental breakdown, which included a mini panick attack (yes, 'panick')in the school parking lot on Wednesday. But now i am fine because I have NO MORE PAPERS TO WRITE (except my english in-class final, grrr) I did not realize I would be so happy! I am done here and ready to be back in Utah just chilling with my lovely friends whom I have not seen in months (and in some cases years: Ben).

Unfortunately I cannot check out yet I still have one more week. That is my Mantra: "One more week, one more week". But for the most part I am unconcerned with my finals. I feel prepared, I think. Actually I think I am not really prepared, I am just in a post traumatic-stress state that has taken me past caring whether I am prepared or not. But at least I feel good.

Next week will be interesting. here is what it will consist of:
-One Math Final: intervals, graphs, exponents, matrices and the like; broken into two days.
-One Theatre Final: A full two hours of being a pregnant woman with an attitude problem.
-One English Final: Comparing a faboulous selection of books to one monstrosity of a movie.
-Two French Finals: Oral and written; both on the same day. Quoi?

Woohoo for finals! The sooner they're over the sooner I am back in Utah! and then.....ENGLAND! In your face, your face!