Friday, January 23, 2009

Part One of my trip: Maddie and Rustin

As many of you know I went up to Utah for Dec. this year. It was great. There was Christmas with the family, Maid of Honor for my best friend, New years with friends. I had so much fun and there were so many pictures and stories that I knew I couldn't fit it all into one post. But I knew I had to get something up because my aunt says she doesn't even bother to read anymore 'cause I post so infrequently. So it looks like my trip will just have to be posted in sections.

There were many reasons for my jaunt to utah this winter. But one of the best reasons was to meet my new niece and nephew. Madison was born in Sept and Rustin In Nov and up until last month I had not seen either of them. The first time I met Rustin I was having a horrible day. My car broke down, I lost my phone and I had just driven into town at 5 that morning. But he really made it all better. He was so tiny and perfect and I loved him right away! For my first week there I stayed with him and his mommy. He's so adorable!

Aunt Courtney's trying to copy his "Oooo" face. Were he purses his tiny lips into a perfect 'O'.

Heath and I were talking while he slept in her lap. We looked down and he had his fooot in his face!

Family Portrait

I think he looks gansta' in that cap.
When he smiled, half of his face smiled first.

Looking so cute in the outfit Aunt Patty(?) bought him.
That first weekend all the sisters and Marc and mom were together. So we had "Family Christmas" on Monday at Heather's house. And earlier Monday evening Dad, Ann, Kirsten and Shelly came over to see Court because she was leaving the next day. The best part was, Shelly brought Madison! She is such a beautiful girl and so alert. Her eyes were always wide open. SO cute! I just LOVE her. Over the next two weeks I was at my dad's house and I got to see Maddie quite a bit. She was so much fun.
She really seemed to like this chair.

Sometimes her eyes were open so wide she looked mesmerized.

Me and cute little Maddie. I made her that hat.

Isn't she cute in her new Christmas jammies?

I know she's yawning but doesn't she looked Shocked and appalled by something?

For a few minutes she found her hands fascinating.

I just love Rustin and Maddie. They are two wonderful additions to our family. They are both so beautiful and such a joy to be around. I know they will grow up to be adorable little toddlers (just like their older cousins). And, may I say, they are two very lucky babies to have two such amazing mommies that love them so very much. Not to mention their daddies, who are so proud (I can already tell Maddie's got Tom wrapped around her tiny finger). And on top of that, they've got some pretty wonderful grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins who love them unconditionally. Yep, these are two lucky kids. And we are one lucky family.