Friday, May 15, 2009

Part Five: Last Christmas.

Finally! Took me long enough. I guess I'm not much for this blogging business. I guess I'll just have to be an archive blogger.

Well I had a great Christmas with my family. First time I had spent all of christmas with my Dad in a long time. Christmas eve we went to the big Tye family party. All the little kids perfomred the Christmas story and then we all got a visit from Santa (even the big kids got to sit on his lap). After that we went back home and all opened our Christmas PJ's. And, because I'm not a mom, I got to go to bed after that. We woke up and Dad, Ann, Patty, Kirsten, Hunter and I opend presents. Family came over a little later and we all exchanged gifts. Patty gave me my gift this year. It was a framed picture of the grandkids. I loved it so much I cried a little.

So we mostly just hung out as a family for the day playing with/putting together presents and passing around the new babies. At one point I ended up with both of them. How did I get so lucky? Really, how? I have such a wonderful family back in Utah and I miss them every day.