Friday, May 15, 2009

Part Five: Last Christmas.

Finally! Took me long enough. I guess I'm not much for this blogging business. I guess I'll just have to be an archive blogger.

Well I had a great Christmas with my family. First time I had spent all of christmas with my Dad in a long time. Christmas eve we went to the big Tye family party. All the little kids perfomred the Christmas story and then we all got a visit from Santa (even the big kids got to sit on his lap). After that we went back home and all opened our Christmas PJ's. And, because I'm not a mom, I got to go to bed after that. We woke up and Dad, Ann, Patty, Kirsten, Hunter and I opend presents. Family came over a little later and we all exchanged gifts. Patty gave me my gift this year. It was a framed picture of the grandkids. I loved it so much I cried a little.

So we mostly just hung out as a family for the day playing with/putting together presents and passing around the new babies. At one point I ended up with both of them. How did I get so lucky? Really, how? I have such a wonderful family back in Utah and I miss them every day.


Tina said...

Christmas is officially OVER!
Let's here what you did for lets say Valentine's Day or if that is rushing you to much well settle for Martin Luther King Day.

Tina said...

I know you have been to Salt Lake at least twice since Christmas.