Thursday, April 23, 2009

Part Four: New Years!!

I know, it's been a while a and I should be done with this trip since it was almost 5 months ago but I couldn't go on without posting the last of the pictures from this awesome Christmas vacation. And these aren't even the last of them. Some time next week I will have the fifth and final part: Christmas! Technically that should go before New Years but I don't care.

So I spent New years up in Logan with my friends. It was awesome, we had an amazing time. We stayed up until...? I can't remember sometime after 4 I think, having some crazy times. Watching mystery science theatre and chinese monster movies (creating our own dubbing of course)playing guitar and reinacting the 'shamwow' commercials. And the next day after a breakfast of Top Ramen, eaten sometime after noon, we all went to Angies and 'Cleaned the Sink'. The Sink is a giant banana spilt, that they serve to you in small kitchen sink. It is huge, It took five of us to finnish off one and we all felt sick. but it was worth it, just look at those bumper stickers!

Like I said I had a great time and I can't wait to see my friends again. I miss them very much!