Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I am almost home! :(

I know I haven't said a word about my experince in England, but I just haven't had time. So much to do, so little time.

So it's been great. Just last weekend I was in Paris and went up the eiffel tower for the first time in my life. It was all light up and beautiful. I got to practice my french and my mother was there to share it with me.

These past few weeks have been good and bad, mostly good. I love england. I would have to say York is my favortie place I have been. It was amazing, so ancient, so much history. But, every place is like that here. there is just so much to see and experience I am sad I can't do it all. I wish I had more time.
At the begining six weeks seemed like forever long but now I have to go home in 2 weeks and I don't wanna. the time went fast.

The bad part of the trip has been the class. I am studying creative wrting and I have never hated it so much. There is so much work. A LOT of reading and very little writing, and even that is not fun anymore. Now I have to analyze everything to death until it sucks all the joy out of it. I suppose analysis is supposed to make you enjoy it more, but when you are doing it for the benefit of someone else (teacher) and not out of genuine curiosity, it just becomes a whole lot of work. So that was me complaining, but I am done now.

England blows my mind! I just wish I could some how absord it into myself just to become one half as amazing as it is. I didn't think it would be hard ot leave but now I know it is going to. I just need to stop thinking about it I guess.

this weekend my roomate, Heidi (who is awesome), and I are going to Bath for four days! that is home to the jane austin museum. it should be really fun. we've decided to have one last relaxing weekend in the middle of the rush of the last two weeks. And it is a rush. There is more work than ever in class. Everyone is trying to fit in those last few trips and experiences. Trying to buy those last minute gifts. Getting unbelievably drunk before one becomes underage again (not me of course, I don't need ot drink to have a good time ;) ) And doing all of this on the last leg of your ever shrinking pocket book.

Over the next few weeks I will try to write more, to do some back stories, but with how busy I will be it will probably be a last priority considering how many people do not read this. :) Cheers!