Thursday, November 13, 2008

So happy I cried a little!

My nephew was born yesterday!!!
Rustin Ricks Nov. 12, 2008
6lbs. 2oz. 19in.
that is all.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

It's that time of year...

and I love it because it means halloween and then Thanksgiving which leads to Christmas! I can't wait for christmas this year, I get to go back to Utah for a whole month and spend christmas with most of my family, except for Court and my mom :(. But I am driving there with Courtney which will be tons of fun. There are also other exciting things. I get to be maid of honor for my best friend Kapri, yay! I will also get to meet my new niece Madison. I am so excited, I have gotten a few pictures of her via pix messages (thanks kirst) she seems little a sweetie. I am also SO excited for my sister Heather to have her baby Rustin soon (maybe today!) and even more excited that I will get to see him in Dec. and spend a lot of time with him and Heather and Marc when I stay at their new house.

Enough about future plans let's talk about what's been happening. (it's been a while since I posted) As you can tell I made it back from England safely. I had such a wonderful time there I was really sad to leave. One day I will go back, I am sure. So right when i got back I left for Utah (boy do I spend a lot of time there) and it was great. I got to say goodbye to my step brother Matt before he left on his mission. And the same day he left for the MTC, Matt (Allred) came home from his mission in SC. It was great to have everybody together agian. We had a really fun BBQ at Ben's house. Then I came back here to start school. That seems like that is all that has been going on since then. I've just been busy with school. I am doing pretty well, maybe not as well as last semester (my first 4.0!) but still pretty good. I am really ready for it be over though.

Halloween last weekend was fun. After I had one majore exam, a research paper, a presentation, and another paper all due in one week, halloween was a nice break. I got to spend the whole day with my friend Rachel and her kids. I went to her daughter's school and helped her carve pumpkins. We won the prize for most unique. Later Courtney joined us for some trick-or-treating. It was funny, I dressed up as a new mom (diaper bag, bags under my eyes, general frazzled apperance and carying a doll) and courtney showed up dressed as a baby. XD

Then there was the election on tuesday. It my first time voting and that was exciting especially since it was in a presidential election (yes I am older than 18 but I just haven't voted before this). And yesterday Gibby left for the MTC and then she will be off to Romania. I know she'll be a great missionary but I was sad to say goodbye. I cried when I talked to her Tuesday night.
So that catches you up on the main points that have happend: school, holidays,elections and missionaries; and what I am looking forward to: nephews and niece, weddings, parties and Christmas with family.

This will technically be the first time I remember spending all of christmas with my Dad (eve and morning) and I am glad that I will be able to share this special time of year with him. I love him very much and miss all of my family in Utah tremendously. Sometimes I forget how very blessed I am to have all these people i love so much, in my life. As Thanksgiving rolls around I realize how very thankful I am for my family. I love them very much and I am so grateful for their support and the light and joy they add to my life. So to any of them who read this; thank you, I love you.