Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Part Two: Hunter and Jackson

There is no way I could not include the other two little kiddies that made my trip so special. While it wasn't my first time meeting either of my older nephews, Jackson and Hunter , I was still so excited to see how much they've grown.

Hunter is such a funny and michevious little boy. He was constantly making me smile. He's so observant and involved. He doesn't miss anything. "Aunt Lauren, why you say uh oh?"He has a stubborn side that sometimes I couldn't help but laugh at. He always wants to be in charge. And boy does he love his younger cousins! I felt bad sometimes because I would have to hold him back from Rustin or Maddison just cause he always wanted to hug them and sometimes he needed help being soft. He is so happy that Jackson is big enough to play with now.

Speaking of Jackson, oh my! I couldn't believe what a little boy he had become while I was gone. He was walking and talking and playing games and just being down right adorable. I only got to see him a few times but I was so happy when I did.

Seeing these boys was a definitely a huge highlight of my trip. And it made me realize how much growing up I am missing. I just hope I don't miss all of it.

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Carlie said...

Hey Lauren! You're nephews are way cute!